GoUnite is an innovative company that eliminates the boring routine rut that many couples, individuals and families fall into, and a great way to meet new people. With one guaranteed night out per month, members experience local Ogden venues like never before with exclusive events, while kids are treated to a night of interactive and enriching fun (Daycare information will be announced once we can integrate into events.)

Simply sign up for a GoUnite membership, mark your calendar with event dates, and enjoy the much needed nights out.

At GoUnite we are passionate about bringing people together to reconnect with old friends, make new ones and support the local culture of Ogden, all while growing a stronger, more close-knit community. With fun, unique events and heart-warming community service projects, GoUnite is the perfect way to add the fun back into your life! 

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GoUnite Ogden Team

Paula Tager – Owner GoUnite Ogden

Paula Tager

Paula - GoUnite Ogden Owner

I have been working with the founder of GoUnite since 2016. It began in Billings Montana and I have always loved the idea of GoUnite. Supporting local businesses while having a way for local people to gather in unique ways and in this day and age of a digital life (and now our new normal with conoravirus) I think we are in need of social interaction and finding ways to show off our home town! I am a graphic designer and have worked in the marketing field for many years. I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful company, bring it to Ogden and share in all that Ogden has to offer.

Paula Tager – Owner GoUnite Ogden

Randi Barber

Randi - GoUnite Founder

I have always had a passion for supporting local businesses and building community, so in 2016, I decided to turn that into a business. GoUnite was born out of the idea of bringing people together to not just support local businesses but to create relationships between local business owners and the communities they serve, while also forming new friendships and connections with other members of your community during our unique events. I started GoUnite in Billings, MT, and can’t wait to see it grow to more communities. I now live in Houston, TX and support like-minded, community focused leaders to start up GoUnite locations in their cities, where we can spread our vision to Be Social and Live Local. 

Emily Freeman – GoUnite

Emily Freeman

Emily - Assistant / Intern

Emily is our social butterfly. Event Assistant and social media contributor